Ever wonder what is so great about me? My species is the second largest on Earth next to insects. I belong to a group called Mollusks which also include octopus. I can be found anywhere on Earth except Antarctica. As a Land Snail, I don't cause damage to gardens like slugs do. If you eat me, I am called Escargot. I am an important source of calcium for birds and reptiles that eat me in the food chain and that is my niche. I am on the trophic level after the producers. I carry my home on my back always and my habitat is in a variety of areas. . The apex of my shell is the first spot where the shell started to grow. I glide on a mucous trail that I produce and helps to protect me. My tongue is called the radula with rows of course teeth to scrape food that feel like a rough cat tongue! I am a heterotroph and eat leaves, which makes me an herbivore. Now that you know about me, how are we alike or different?