Did you know how terrific a raccon is? I am nocturnal which means I prefer to be out during the night. I have gray fur and a black mask on my face with black rings on my tail. I am able to open doors, latches, and bottles with my hands. My habitat is a wooded area so I can make my home in a hollowed out tree. I live near humans and use their attics, sheds, and sewers as my home too. I am a heterotroph and an omnivore eating a variety of fruits, but also birds and snakes and am near the top of the food chain. I am also opportunistic which means i wat anyting that is available no matter how bad it smells! I sleep in a den for most of the winter. My niche is to scatter fruit seeds when eating my food. Baby raccoons are called kits. I make 200 different sounds and can communicate with my raccoon friends with a dozen different calls. I wash my food in water before I eat and will rub it in my paws if there is no water. I am found in a variety of Biomes in Northern America.