Hello my name is Cornelia Bargmann,
I was born January 1, 1961 in Virginia. I grew up in Athens, Georgia. I'm the daughter of Rolf Bargmann a statisticiant computer scientist at University of Georgia. I'm also one of four children. I took an early liking to my science classes in junior high and high school. When I got out of high school I enrolled in Rockerfeller University, then went into the biochemistry and cancer biology fields. While I was in college I studied genes, and the environment and experience interact animal behavior and shape. Now that I'm out of school I work on behavior in the C elegans in worms. The C elegans allows me to uncover and reveal how the neuron and genes affect behavior. I got the Breakthrough prize in life sciences, and Franklin institute award, I'm so thankful to get these awards! I'm now married to fellow olfactory scientist Richard Axel.