My name is Eddie Earth. I love to use Saturns ring to hula hoop. Mercury is my closest friend. My favorite time is spring because I am not too hot or cold. My favorite Candy is a Milky Way. I am glad I am away from Uranus and Neptune because they are a little gassy.

65,000,000,000 years ago a mean meteor hit me near the part of me I call the Yucatán peninsula that destroyed the dinosaurs. I am the only planet that had life until the Rover went to Mars. One of my days is 24 hrs and one year is 360 days. I have 7.7 million people to serve me now. I am not healthy because global warming and litter. I am 196.9 million miles big and 96.5% of me is just water. Sometimes my titanic plates do not agree with me so I get a stomach problem.