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MySciLife® is a safe, social learning environment where science students design and maintain science "identities" to LIVE and LEARN. Students LIVE as a science concept, creating their identities using status updates, interactions, and a full range of digital media. Currently in its fourth year, and serving a carefully chosen group of middle school science teachers and their students across the U.S., MySciLife is a former MacArthur Foundation Digital Media and Learning finalist. 

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MySciLife is offered free of charge by The Source for Learning, Inc., a non-profit learning technologies corporation. 

Here's what's happening in MySciLife:


Tony Stark was able to identify the element. He did this by counting it’s protons. Each element has a different number of protons and that is how they are unique. Silver has 47. That is how it is silver.

Some elements are far away from me on the periodic table. One of those elements is Chlorine. It has an atomic number of 17 and an atomic mass of 35.453. The name comes from the Greek word for greenish yellow, or cloros. Chlorine comes from the Halogen family. Chlorine cannot be found in nature. The ...

One of my neighbors on the periodic table is neptunium. It has an atomic number of 93 and a atomic mass of 237. Neptunium is named after the planet Neptune. Neptunium is part of the actinide group. Edwin McMillian and Philip Abelson first produced neptunium in 1940, at the University of Berkeley in ...

My neighbor is Polonium. Polonium is my neighbor because we are both metals. Polonium is the second-most dangerous element on the table. Polonium has been used to eliminate static charge. Polonium is also dissolves in dilute acids.

My superhero’s name would be Nuclo-Boy simply because of his special ability. By using plutonium he can now get anywhere he needs to with haggling with traffic and crowded cities. The complete detonation of a kilogram of plutonium produces an explosion equivalent to over 10,000 tonnes of chemical ex...

My superhero would be Electro-Shine Guy. This is my superhero because silver is really shiny and it conducts electricity well. My superhero's powers would be to control lightning and make it move around inside of him, and he would be able to turn to silver, of course, so he could conduct the electri...

This is the ENERGY PYRAMID for my biome, the Tundra. This graphic shows the FLOW OF ENERGY in my ecosystem, a FOOD WEB and a FOOD CHAIN also show the flow of energy in an ecosystem. These ORGANISMS have a PREDATOR : PREY relationship. Some organisms function as a predator and a prey.

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