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MySciLife® is a safe, social learning environment where students design and maintain “identities” to LIVE and LEARN science. Through teacher-guided exchanges and prompts, students personify science concepts, maintaining their identities through meaningful interactions with fellow students. While doing so, they learn research, writing, and digital media skills as they interact with their peers through social learning posts. MySciLife inspires students to learn using familiar technology in new and inventive ways.

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MySciLife adapts to any curriculum, and it includes a resource library aligned to Next Generation Science standards. Convenient, online professional development is included, with additional support and practice tools available within the MySciLife user community.

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The MySciLife public stream shows teacher-approved posts from students who have parental consent for public posting. See examples of student identities living and learning science through social learning posts.


Here's what's happening in MySciLife:


They are both metal. They are both radioactive. Radium has a smaller atomic mass than Dubnium. Dubnium Has a higher atomic mass.

I was used in watches until scientist figured out that I am dangerous and radioactive.

I'm a very important metal element to the humankind, I rank 3rd after magnesium and iron. I play an essential role in health, that makes me pretty important. I'm essential for growth, brain development, protecting the skin, the proper functioning of the immune system, digestion, and a lot more.

Atomic Number: 79 Atomic Weight: 196.966569 Melting Point: 1337.33k (1064.18 C or 1947.52 F) Boiling Point: 3129 K (2856°C or 5173°F) Density: 19.282 grams per cubic centimeter Phase at Room Temperature: Solid Element Classification: Metal

What's up! So There is something I found out about me. I can be hammered into a sheet that is 100 atoms thick. That's thinner than aluminum! That's crazy! Yeah I just thought I should tell you guys that. I guess i'll talk to you guys later then. BYE!

Hey it's your boy Thanos Thulium, and today I'm gonna be talking my homie Carl Copper. He's the best friend I could ever ask for. He's flexible, cheap, and very useful. Just don't tell him I use his relatives as wiring in my house. His atomic number is 29 and he's super skinny. He makes me fee...

What's up guys? I'm going to share with you some legit facts about me! First, my symbol is Ag. You're probably confused like, " Where does Ag fall in silver?" Well, Argentum is Latin for, now does it make sense? My atomic mass is 107.868, I know it's a lot. My atomic number is 47 meani...

Hello everyone, it's Savannah! I had an awesome slumber party with some great friends this week! If you didn't know, when I'm mined, I'm often with friends like zinc, copper, gold, and lead. We had a great time, copper was using his flexibility to dance his heart out. Lead didn't end up coming becau...