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MySciLife® is a safe,¬†social learning environment where science students design and maintain science "identities" to LIVE and LEARN. Students LIVE as a science concept, creating their identities using status updates, interactions, and a full range of digital media. Currently serving middle school science teachers and their students across the U.S., MySciLife is a former MacArthur Foundation Digital Media and Learning finalist.

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I am Lutetium. My neighbors are Lawrencium and Ytterbium. My neighborhood is on Lanthanoid Lane. I am highly radioactive. I am not as fancy as the elements on the top rows that you find used in your homes and school. My neighbors and I get along (mostly because we all like to split)!

Copper is my higher neighbor. She's right above me on the periodic table. Copper has been known since ancient times, just like me! We are growing old together. She is my best friend, even though I'm below her. My lower neighbor is Gold. We have been friends for awhile, but we are not as close as my...

Hey, it's me Aluminum. I just wanted to tell you about my family the "poor metals". We are all pretty close, like friends in low places tend to be. I also wanted to give a shout out to by homie, Lead. He is the best! He is always there for me, and he is funny. I call him Lead Head (he likes Zeppelin...

I live in the transition metal suburb. My closest neighbors are Scandium, Titanium, Vanadium, Chromium, and Cobalt. I am still searching for friends. Other elements do not like hanging out with me because I'm always busy participating in a lot of research.

I have no neighbors that I hangout with. I'm a deadly metal because I'm highly radioactive. I was first found by Yuri Oganessian and Ken Moody.

Hi! I'm the conclusion and my new friend is Taylor the Testable Question. We are very different, but we are still good friends. One of our differences is that she is the question that you ask yourself in an experiment and I'm the statement you make when the experiment is done.

I play a role in life because without questions, there would be no answers. Without answers we would be too curious and not know much about the experiment. Also if something was wrong, no one would question it and change it, so it would just stay wrong.

My identity plays a role in life by helping in like, a scale you wouldn't be able to know what the weight of that object is.