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MySciLife® is a safe,¬†social learning environment where science students design and maintain science "identities" to LIVE and LEARN. Students LIVE as a science concept, creating their identities using status updates, interactions, and a full range of digital media. Currently serving middle school science teachers and their students across the U.S., MySciLife is a former MacArthur Foundation Digital Media and Learning finalist.

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I am part of the water cycle by forming snowflakes called crystallization. Crystallization happens way up in the clouds. It has to be cold outside for this event to happen because it doesn't rain in the middle of winter; the droplets turn to snow instead. So that is why it is always cold when it sn...

I'm Ollie the Ocean of Awesomeness and I'm part of the water cycle by having 78% of global precipitation that occurs over me. I am the source of 86% of global evaporation. Water evaporates from the surface of me. I'm also a part of the water cycle because runoff runs into me.

I'm Michael Water Molecule and I'm related to the water cycle. I am in runoff. I am in evaporation. I am in groundwater flow. I am in the oceans, lakes , and rivers. I am in precipitation. I am in absorption. I am literally everything in the water cycle!

Do you love winter? Well if you do, I make it snow. Me, Nora the Nutty Nimbostratus Cloud and Cade the Cumulus Cloud (my best friend), make it rain, snow, sleet, or hail. So whatever comes from a cloud I make it.

Hi, I'm Sunny the Sun. I give energy to water; that's called evaporation. Then that water would change to a vapor. I also provide heat for plants, people, and animals.

I'm free at last. Oh no I'm caught. Into the boiling water I go. I read 100.3 degrees Fahrenheit. Then I go into a freezing cold water. I think these people are crazy. First they put me in hot boiling water, and then they put me in a pot full of freezing water. But after all I am a thermometer

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