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About MySciLife

MySciLife® is a safe, social learning environment where students design and maintain “identities” to LIVE and LEARN science. Through teacher-guided exchanges and prompts, students personify science concepts, maintaining their identifies through meaningful interactions with fellow students. While doing so, they learn research, writing, and digital media skills as they interact with their peers through social learning posts. MySciLife inspires students to learn using familiar technology in new and inventive ways.

For Teachers

MySciLife adapts to any curriculum, and it includes a resource library aligned to Next Generation Science standards. Convenient, online professional development is included, with additional support and practice tools available within the MySciLife user community.

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MySciLife is a product of The Source for Learning, a nonprofit organization providing high quality resources to the education community for almost 40 years. Click the title above to explore the many ways you can support MySciLife.

The MySciLife public stream shows teacher-approved posts from students who have parental consent for public posting. See examples of student identities living and learning science through social learning posts.


Here's what's happening in MySciLife:


Hi, I’m Savanah Star Cluster. A Star cluster is a lot of stars really close together. I am a young star cluster, with only a few 100 to 1,000 stars fight now. I will get more stars soon. I formed when gas and dust condensed, and I started pulling things in from my surroundings, until the middle of m...

Hi. I’m Willow Wormhole. I’m a combination of two black holes. I’m about 10 to the power of -33 centimeters, which is really small. I enjoy doing math, ice skating, drawing, playing tennis, swimming, playing violin, reading, watching Harry Potter, and playing with my baby sister. I also like classic...


Hello! I’m Nellie Neptune. Some may call me cold hearted. But personally, I’m only about -214°. In fact, I’m VERY popular. The romans, (you know them too?!?) even they knew me…! I don’t mean to brag but they even named some god after maw. I talk with Jelly Jupiter sometimes. Our conversations...

Hi!! I am Emily Enceladus. I am a moon living on 100 Milky Way, belonging to Saturn. I like to ice skate and play ice hockey. I also like to go to carnivals with my friend Saturn and participate in the “ring toss.” My favorite book is “The Girl who Drank the Moon.” My icy surface reflects 90 percent...

Hi I’m Michael Jackson Moon I’m the earth’s moon. I looks to look at humans and and animals at night. I am about 4.6 billion years old which means I’m 30 million years younger than the solar system. I am a environmentalist because I care about earth. I love the idea of water so my ...


I consist of a lipid bilayer with embedded proteins, and I control the movement of substances in and out of cells and organelles. With that my shape relates to my function because I HAVE to be flexible in order to even do any of my jobs.

I am located on the outside of the cell, because I separate cells from cells, I mean that is my job.

I have to be very flexible to get my job done, If I'm not flexible I might get fired. Anyways the reason I mainly need to be flexible is because i a have to keep the inner cells and the outer cells separated and they would enjoy to still be able to move around while being separated so they are gonn...