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About MySciLife

MySciLife® is a safe, social learning environment where students design and maintain “identities” to LIVE and LEARN science. Through teacher-guided exchanges and prompts, students personify science concepts, maintaining their identities through meaningful interactions with fellow students. While doing so, they learn research, writing, and digital media skills as they interact with their peers through social learning posts. MySciLife inspires students to learn using familiar technology in new and inventive ways.

For Teachers

MySciLife adapts to any curriculum, and it includes a resource library aligned to Next Generation Science standards. Convenient, online professional development is included, with additional support and practice tools available within the MySciLife user community.

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MySciLife is a product of The Source for Learning, a nonprofit organization providing high quality resources to the education community for almost 40 years. Click the title above to explore the many ways you can support MySciLife.

The MySciLife public stream shows teacher-approved posts from students who have parental consent for public posting. See examples of student identities living and learning science through social learning posts.


Here's what's happening in MySciLife:


You can call me the Peregrine Cop because I protect the Red-Breasted Geese from predators during mating season. It doesn’t bother me, but it benefits the geese. But that’s what cops do. This relationship is called commensalistic because it benefits the geese, but I stay the same.

I was taking a bath earlier, and I found tiny brown insects crawling all over me! So I went to the local hospital and visited Dr. Falgrine and he told me that I have feather mites. Feather mites suck your blood, and I am pretty sure you need blood to live. So I will have to get them removed, and I r...

So um yeah, I just got fleas then a parrot said “what up bro oooh you got fleas! MMMMMM! Yum!” Then he PECKED ME! And the itching stopped so yeah that helped.

Howdy, so earlier I was just getting my food for lunch and I saw this bee come up to a wildflower. It landed on this wildflower and so it was so interesting. I stared at it the whole time it was on the flower. This is called mutualism, that is when both benefit. The bee gets what it needs and the ...


What’s up in Australia? I just saw a Australia vulture eating something off of a quoll. Then I had a doctor's “appointment for a check up and we started talking after the check up. Then we started talking about Australia vultures and I told her that I seen one of those eating something off of a quol...

Fleas and I do not get along well. The fleas live on me and suck my blood for food! Therefore I get harmed, and that is a parasitism example.

So earlier today, I was cleaning my nest like I do once a year, and I found a pack rat under my nest! He told me that he was kind of like my maid servant and that he would clean up after me and eat the leftovers. All these years, I never knew that my future best friend was living right under me. He ...

Ants can make homes out of fugi and that is good for my ecosystem.