Bringing Science to Life

MySciLife® is a safe, social learning environment where science students design and maintain science "identities" to LIVE and LEARN. Students LIVE as a science concept, creating their identities using status updates, interactions, and a full range of digital media. Currently operating in its third year as a research pilot with middle grades science, MySciLife is a former MacArthur Foundation Digital Media and Learning finalist. 

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MySciLife is offered free of charge by The Source for Learning, Inc., a non-profit learning technologies corporation. 

Here’s What’s Happening in MySciLife:


Hi, I'm Sally the stomach. I'm part of the digestive system, my job is to sore food while enzymes break down food for further digestion!

I can be found in your upper left chest right beside a lung.

I basically work with every system because my blood I pump out goes to all the parts of the body.

I'm the Esophagus and with out me you wouldn't be able to swallow. My job is to carry food, liquids, and saliva from the mouth to the stomach.

The alveoli expand when I inhale and shrink when I exhale.

I am Lary the Liver and my job is to filter blood going through the digestive system.

Here's a picture of a double-bubble comparing the digestive system to the respiratory system.


Hi! I'm Hammy the Heart and my job is to pump blood throughout the body,I also belong to the Circulatory system,which also works with the respiratory system.